Best recommendations for Jazz guitar lessons?


Want to learn to play some jazz guitar stuff, expand my horizons and all that. Found a few "Jazz for beginners" things that were far more advanced than any beginner I ever met, so now I'm stuck in the A) ask for recommendations or B) go get an actual jazz teacher to teach me realm - and I don't want to sit with some instructor at a set time every week, so...

For reference since jazz is such a wide ranging genre, I love the 60s era "spy jazz" sort of stuff, and the 40s/50s speakeasy/gorgeous dame behind a mic sort of stuff.


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I highly recommend picking up the Barry Galbraith books along with a copy of The Real Book.

There’s so much to be learned from going through those. Especially the Galbraith books on comping and soloing. The comping book is a treasure trove of chord voicing and comping ideas. is a good resource that also has a good forum with useful info.