Because we haven't posted enough about Polyphia lately

Boomer rap fan answers with an emphatic "NO" on this one. Auto-tuned modern rap garbage.
Yeah I kinda auto-tuned that part out of my brain. It was at least somewhat tasteful compared to the current hop-hop atmosphere
Actually Tech N9ne would be awesome with these guys
Indeed, even newer artists like Dose One would work well.

But like you said, the target (younger) audience might even know who TF Lil West is? Probably not T9 and most definitely not Dose
I really liked the recent one they put out with Chino singing, but this one didn't do it for me, even before the auto-tune rap section came up. The sections had no cohesion between them, it was just a nylon string and an 8-string going back and forth over the same rhythm track while not really giving a f*ck what the other was doing.

I get the feeling I'll really dig these guys when they start getting gray hair and aren't dipping into their adderal stash as hard.
I liked quite a lot of aspects of it. Thought the acoustic guitar was pretty sweet actually.

Didn't enjoy the latter half with auto-tuned rap so much.
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This is how you cue your band members in 2022

Oh yeah... I much prefer that version with the guitars forward and vocals / drums dialled back. Okay, you've got me: the tone of that nylon-sounding Ibanez sound stick thing is really growing on me, as is its melody. Looks horrible, though ofc.
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