Bass Strings.

i used to use the dunlop ones because they were the cheapest and i only really just sub on bass at times.

now that i am a fender artist, i just buy their strings, as they are rebranded d'addarios, and they are dirt cheap for me.
NYXL's because they did on a guitar what I wanted to hear in a bass with the low end snap. But what's clear and tight for me might be thin and lacking oomph for someone else! :rofl
45-105 are like the 10's of bass. I have a scalloped P-Bass that is dropped a whole step with 40-100's. It sounds and feels pretty good. :bag
Elixir. Sound fresh and consistent even when I haven‘t used my bass for a couple of weeks. I am using Stainless Steel 45-105 for D Standard tuning.
Found some Dave Eellefson Signature Strings on markdown! :LOL:

No kidding. Better clear my browser cache, too!
I use the AustinBuddy bass presets so I asked him what strings Scott Nelson who helped him tune the presets uses. It was GHS Bass Boomers. I got them and like the sound. They killed my fingers when they were brand new :headbang
What gauge are you running on your 4 string, Drew? You do have a 4 stringer, don't you?

No clue what’s on it now, I wanna say 45-110? I can’t remember. It’s a lighter/standard gauge I threw on because I was tracking a song in standard tuning. Normally I keep that 4-string in CGCG and used a custom gauge set from String Joy to do so, but I’ll have to look up the gauges, I ordered a couple packs 2 years ago but can’t for the life of me remember what they are. I want to say the low E is like a 115 or something and worked PERFECTLY in C.
Will do. :beer

I had an Ibanez SR305 years back and sold it. It wasn't remarkable. Bass player in the band
I play with has a Schecter Custom 5 string, plays great and sounds really good with active
pups and active EQ. Not sure what exact model it is. Nice bass, though.

I suspect a 5 string is a bridge I won't cross for a long time. I can't see myself venturing into A
like @Iron1 does. :rawk
I have a set of D'Addarrios on my EXB445 and whatever Solar sends on their basses on my AB2.4. I'm the guy that won't buy new ones, just take the old ones and boil them, cause bright bass tone is not my thing. :rofl