Badlander 50 and custom 112 cab

Got my custom 112 cab from Mather this week. Stupid me forgot to include a jack and wiring harness in the order, so that's on the way. I also have the appropriate sized Mesa logo plate coming for the front. The cab has a Mesa V30 in it and has the same design as the Friedman DS 112 cab next to it, but with an extra inch of depth to accommodate the Badlander. Will post updates as I complete the project.

My wife is awesome. I told her I couldn’t stop thinking about the Badlander 50 and she said “well you deserve it!” Even after I showed her the price.

We are celebrating our 28th anniversary right now in Cancun. Anniversary present???
Congratulations! Cancun is beautiful, although I haven't gone in 20 years my memories are quite vivid.