Looking for Scorpions "The Future Never Dies" complete MIDI file


I need to build a backing track for that song, to play on an event at my workplace with a pianist and a singer. I have found a MIDI file but it is cut in the middle

Anyone knows where can I find the complete MIDI file, or finalize this one for me for a reasonable price? I only need Drums, Bass, Piano (to give the score to the piano player) and Strings. No need for guitar and vocals.

Here is the MIDI file and a Cakewalk project of that same MIDI file that I have synchronized with the original Scorpions audio file

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Is it possible to use the App Moises and cut out the guitar part?

I haven't tried that app, but the result of removing parts on audio is usually not too good. I prefer to use a MIDI with quality VST instruments.

Here is an example. It sounds like processed through a flanger. Probably it would be even worst after removing guitar and piano: