Hagar Anthony VH song on Stern -Satch using modeler

Nice find! I’ve tried his DS-1 setting over a Marshall model before and it always ends up sounding terrible to me. His tone must be his fingers. :sofa

I know right? and those settings
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I gotta re-house my old DS-1, the MIJ’s are Satch in a box….mainly because that’s all he used for dirt in the 90’s.
Does Joe request blind people paint his guitars at Ibanez? Worst looking guitars since Clapton sold all his vintage stuff and had Fender make a bunch of ugly strats for him to play.
LOL//he should not quit his day job huh?
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LOL//he should not quit his day job huh?

The hits keep comin'....

Not only did Ibanez do a limited run of his handpainted guitars that sold for something like $6K a piece, but Ibanez then gave him all the rejects that didn't clear right and he got to sell them himself. :rofl

And if you bought one, you could go watch him play it before handing it off to you.

Perspective is a funny thing, Tim. While you see a whole world of things to shit on, there's a whole bunch of people that see opportunity and things to enjoy.
Not only did Ibanez do a limited run of his handpainted guitars that sold for something like $6K a piece, but Ibanez then gave him all the rejects that didn't clear right and he got to sell them himself. :rofl
Satriani is my “Hendrix” and really got me hooked on the guitar. So for me, one of those would be like getting the chance to purchase one of Hendrix’s guitars.
To my ear the main problem with his tone was the complete lack of bottom end which could be due to any number of reasons, not the least of which being EQ'd too aggressively in the control room of the studio. It may have sounded fine on stage.
In an interview that's recently surfaced via Ritchie Blackmore Channel on YouTube, Ritchie Blackmore talked about his successors in Deep Purple - Joe Satriani and Steve Morse - saying (transcribed by UG):

"Joe Satriani is a brilliant player, but I never see him really searching for notes; I never hear him playing a wrong note. Jimi Hendrix used to play lots of wrong notes because he was searching all the time - 'Where the hell is that correct note?!' And when he did find that right note - wow, that was incredible.
"If you're always playing the correct notes, there's something wrong - you're not searching, you're not reaching for anything. But that's not to say that he isn't a very brilliant player. Same thing with Steve Morse - fantastic player.
"I'm just glad they [Deep Purple] found a guitar player to carry on because I thought I was going to be shackled to this band for the rest of my life. It was like a ball-and-chain thing, and luckily they said, 'Well, we found someone.' 'Thank God, I can get out!'
"I haven't listened much, I just know that Joe Satriani and Steve Morse are brilliant players. I remember Steve Morse with the Dixie Dregs, they're fantastic.
"I think what you mean is that certain people play from the heart and other people play from the head. I prefer a heart player, I prefer someone like a blues player, like Jeff Healey. Jeff Healey I think is tremendous. I think the John Mayer guy is great too. People like that, I prefer.
"If I hear someone really technical running up and down a fingerboard, I can hear that for a couple of minutes and then I start to kind of get bored and think of other things like playing football or something. But I do like to hear someone reaching for something, not quite making it and then sometimes they do make it.
"And Joe Satriani is a very polished player - almost too polished, that's what worries me sometimes. But it's different strokes for different folks, as an enemy of mine used to say - which is such a corny thing. Some people are into that head music, that head technique; some people are into the heart technique, some people are into blues technique.
"I personally am into the minstrel technique - if I hear someone playing a lute, it just moves me, I don't know why. Guitar players I find kind of boring - and that's not meant as a dig. I find myself boring. The guitar is a wonderful instrument in certain ways; like if you're listening to something like John Williams play, then you know the man can play.
"I think the main objective is to move people, make people think in their heart. I personally am not interested in appealing to other musicians. To me, it's more inspiring to move someone who doesn't know anything about music, but has a feel. They can say, 'I don't know what you're doing, but I just feel that's something there.' That to me is an incredible compliment, as opposed to, 'Well, you've just run up and down the fingerboard. That's wonderful, very fast.' All that means is I've just practiced the hell out of the guitar and I'm not really saying anything. I'm going from A to B, but not seeing anything on the way."
Joe is such a class act. But imagine how he must have felt to have seen that one of your idols said what he said about him. Blackmore has earned the right to say what he wants about other guitarists; Doesn't mean he should.
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I’m out of the loop people are recording themselves playing EVH and tagging Joe?

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I would imagine on TikTok or whatever app does the split screen thing, people are doing it. Overall, Andy’s statement can be said about ALLLLLLLL the shit talkers in general and there are PLENTY of them.