Crybaby 535Q versus BB535


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I've got a 535Q. I got it coz I thought it would help me get the Joanz Toanz. And it sorta does. But a decade later I find out, oh actually, he uses the BB535, and it allegedly sounds quite different.

Is there anything I can do to my 535Q to make it closer to the BB535, or do I just gotta pony up some of that sweet moolah??

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Found this on TGP-

The BB535 is the Model number of the original 535. It was produced for only a period of 3-4 years in the late 90's early 2000's. The BB535 IS the 535. There aren't 3 different ones only 2. The pedal is actually called Dunlop Crybaby 535 and for clarity the BB535 and 535 are the same pedal...the one with the Q on the end is the newer more widely available model. It's Model number is BB535 as I stated previously. In the early 2000's it was discontinued entirely. The purpose of this was to make more tweaks. After this was done it was renamed 535Q. BB535 and 535Q are almost totally different beasts and I prefer the original over 535Q.

The original 535 has 11 different settings for wah sweep...I don't know where people are getting other numbers like 6 or 8. Mine has 11. Two of those 11 are for Bass but I use them for guitar! It has a tiny boost knob on the underside of the pedal from 0db to 11db. There's a switch on the side to turn this boost on and off and there's two lights at the top of the pedal in front of the footswitch. One indicates that it has power and the other indicates if the boost is on or off. I love the sound of this pedal over 535Q personally.

You can only find them on resale sites at this point like ebay and reverb. They are rare and will likely be expensive. I do know Adam Jones of Tool also prefers this model over the 535Q and uses it live and in the studio.

I’m surprised Adam hasn’t done any sig pedals, yet. I’m not sure if I’d go through the hassle and tracking one day, along with the cost, when the Petrucci wah exists, which is literally the rack wah in pedal form and you can tweak it until Adam Jones actually starts living inside the wah pedal.
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